Please remove the word 'jew'

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  • This post is deleted!

  • @betterlate1

    as a Jew your attitude and accusations offended me

    Of course it did, I would expect nothing less. (I can't imagine much of anything I could say that would not, regardless of the content)

    I never said you asked to remove the word. I posted in this forum in response to the first post, not to you.
    You however, provided quite a lengthy response, to something that was not posted to you.
    My second post however was in direct response to your post to me. The foreskin comment I know was zoso, but just merely pointed out to you that I am without, as you were in a conversation with him about me.

    I was not accusatory, but whatever. You can believe what you wish, I have no desire to continue to defend my words, it's going nowhere. I have my beliefs and you have yours, let's leave it at that, shall we?

    Or if it makes you feel better, let's just say "You win betterlate1".
    Congratulations sir, well done.

    Have a wonderful day!


  • @sanctuarie whatever you say

  • Thank god for common sense

  • @zoso-thezephead I am sorry .I didn't mean that.Actuallay my native language is not English.One of the reason why I paly this game ??? I think this is a good channel to improve my vocabulary .Thanks for the correction.I will never use this word again.

  • Are we planning to ask for ALL derogatory words to be removed? How about commonly used profanity?

    The set of words allowed in word games is normally a list of words that exist in the language, not a list of only the good and uplifting words.

    I'm not arguing that anyone should use the verb form of "jew" in speech in polite society, but I expect all valid English words to show up in the game. That includes words that are derogatory or profane.

    Not that it matters, but I am a capital-J Jew myself, and I've used the word in Lexulous. Not to endorse its use, but because I had the letters and it fit the game board.

    Oversensitive political correctness is getting out of hand.

  • @EmbraceableEwe Being Jewish ...I also find the word jew offensive but then there are a lot of words that are offensive. Nice thing is no one has to use any word. It is all choices. Nothing wrong with being politically correct..or considering others point of view either..

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  • It's true that OP is referring to the usage as a verb which is rightly classified by many as an ethnic slur. We must think about the integrity of the site though. Lexulous uses the official tournament and club word lists used in competitive Scrabble, not the filtered versions. Therefore, many words deemed offensive are permissible. To take the matter further, those with issues or concerns should contact the official bodies who compile those lists.

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