Recommend addition/removal of words

  • @betterlate1 Yes, it's certainly a word and I never said otherwise. It's just not in the word list. The app developers don't determine that so I'm pretty sure you're barking up the wrong tree.

  • @NOthing 'Besides'? Do you mean 'decides'? No, they don't set the lexicon, but they can at least provide definitions of words or explanations of the lack thereof.

    Anyway, I take it back. I can see now how DAMNEST can be a noun, even though it's an incorrect spelling of DAMNEDEST.

  • @Harold-Rennett I realized later that DAMNEDEST can be a noun. I still protest the misspelling of the word as DAMNEST as an acceptable word in Scrabble games. That's just BS.

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    rking up the wrong I am thinking whatever I say you will debate or argue it. Have a great day.

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    In the UK dictionary, please add the word UGLI, it is a well-known word for a fruit, a cross between a tangerine, a grapefruit and an orange.


    Also I think ONSITE should be included.

  • @James-Lafargue Any word has to be in the Official scrabble players book or whatever they use.

  • @Roslyn-Irvine Pix is acceptable as is tix but not vaxx or vax. Official Scrabble Players (OSPD) dictionary is what is used

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    The two words I tried to use recently are not yet in the dictionary to use. They are valid English words. Missing words, newtonian and eunoia.

  • This is a pejorative verb that is offensive to Jewish people and, intentionally or not, infers Jewish people are swindlers.

  • Totally agree, It used to be in OSPD. I am looking now in 3 or 4 dictionaries and see the definition that is derogatory but no longer used in OSPD. I think removing it would be great however, then you get into censorship and removal of a variety of words that I would not use in a I don't normally use jew either. Have to get used to the idea some will use it and like other words, there is no need to use them

  • It is a simple noun - a person who is Jewish is a Jew. I don't think it is inherently derogatory although used that way by some.
    Lots of words that are used derogatorily are in Lex (SOWPODS). I agree it feels weird to play them, but - it's a word game.

  • @jsm said in Please remove the word 'jew':

    It is a simple noun - a person who is Jewish is a Jew. I don't think it is inherently derogatory although used that way by some.
    Lots of words that are used derogatorily are in Lex (SOWPODS). I agree it feels weird to play them, but - it's a word game.

    Your description makes it a pronoun. Following your logic I should then be able to play Christian, Hindu or Muslim. Note the words all start with a capital letter.

  • @jsm jew is an insult to say Jewish people are cheap. like other words unless you do not care if you offend or if you want offend, like many other words no reason to use it

  • @zoso-thezephead jew is not said with a capital letter because it is not the religion or the people..Hindu is a proper also has definitions other than the religion so it can be used . Words in scrabble dictionary do not necessarily mean what you think they mean .. I was speaking to someone else when I tried to explain. Do not know how this got to you

  • @betterlate1 I will keep this simple. As a Jew the word is offensive to myself and other Jews. Clear?

  • @zoso-thezephead .it is in the dictionary not meaning a Jewish person and it is offensive as I said at the start. CLEAR? If you look at other persons comment I tried to explain that to them. Not going to argue with you. CLEAR?

  • @zoso-thezephead You should know the way you are speaking to me is as offensive as name calling. CLEAR?

  • Are you all serious?
    I'm a jew. And a Jew, and am Jewish.
    I have no problem being a jew.
    And have no problem being called a jew, as you can see, I call myself a jew.
    I don't find it derogatory in any way whatsoever, and think this entire conversation is ridiculous, sorry.
    The world is out of control with "political correctness" lately. Every time I turn around, it's something new that has now been deemed "offensive" for whatever reason. It's like people sit around & think of new ways to get offended, because being offended by something is the new "in" thing.
    ANYTHING can be used in a derogatory manner.
    But by your logic, "Jew" is okay, "jew" is not.
    So how do you convey that in a verbal conversation?
    You referred to yourself as a "Jew". So if you're having a verbal conversation with someone, you would verbally say "I am a capital J Jew" - just so they were clear you weren't saying you were a "lowercase j jew"?
    So you'd have no problem with someone calling you a Jew, as long as they said "hey you capital letter J Jew". Just to be CLEAR.
    Sorry - but lmjao

    I could say I find it offensive that you get to speak for people you don't even know, "I will keep this simple. As a Jew the word is offensive to myself and other Jews. Clear?"
    How do you know what is offensive to other Jews, jews, or Jewish people?
    Do you know them all?
    Have you polled the ones that you do know, and asked them if this specifically offends them?
    So I am to assume that if someone plays the word jew, it would offend you? What would be the reason that would offend you?
    Because you feel that they are not just using the letters in a word GAME, but using this medium an excuse to call you a swindler?

    So if someone plays the word "bitch", should I immediately be offended & assume that they are calling me a bitch? Even though the only actual definition in the dictionary is that of a female dog? The other definitions are "slang", but derogatory.
    So as a woman, should I demand bitch be removed from the game?
    Well heck, while we're at it - how about if someone plays the word "colored" which literally means something that has color, but can also have derogatory meanings. Should we have them remove that word as well, because it might be offensive to black people?
    We could go on with this forever, until there are what, 100 words left? (until someone steps up & says one offends them, then 99)

    But what if - and just a what if - a person playing the GAME has those letters in their tray, and plays them just to PLAY them & gain points (which is ultimately the objective I believe). I don't think they chose those letters to deliberately insult the other player.
    If you had 3 letters left in your tray, "j" "e" "w", and you could place them just right, with triple letters, a triple word, making 3 more words & would get like 125 points for "jew", or you could just play "ew" for 6, you can say with 100% honesty, that you'd play the 6, just not to use a lowercase word "jew" in a word GAME?
    OMG - seriously, think about it. This is a GAME.
    If you don't like it, guess what - you don't have to play it.

  • @sanctuarie I'll make my reply somewhat more concise. If you really were Jewish, you'd be offended. And no, I don't want to check out your foreskin.

  • @zoso-thezephead I do not believe that she is a Jew, Jewish etc or she would have understood. Would not have written a full page either.