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  • @sanctuarie Oddly, I am not the one who asked to remove jew. I am the one who also finds it offensive. I never said a word about foreskins and angry as you are, you should know, I had nothing to do with it so please do not take it out on me. jew implies you are miserly ..and truth is you sound like you are looking for a fight. You need to find respect for others and yourself.

  • @betterlate1 judging by the trouble she took to respond again,seems to be just looking for a fight

  • @betterlate1 said in Please remove the word 'jew':

    YOU ARE SPEAKING for people you do not know
    Who am I speaking for?

    ANYTHING CAN BE USED in a derogatory manner but jew IS DEFINED AS derogatory and has been from the very start..
    Okay - so if it was offensive from the start, but then no longer deemed so in the dictionary, would you still find it offensive, because it once was? Or would you no longer find it offensive because someone changed it in the dictionary?

    I hope when you call yourself a jew you mean Jew or Jewish otherwise you mean you are cheap and generally fit the stereotype to insult yourself.
    Sure, I guess you could say cheap - or frugal, but then who isn't these days? "To haggle so as to reduce (a price)" Would I haggle or bargain with someone to get a price down? Absolutely! I would have no problem with that. Would I do it unfairly, unlawfully or just vengefully? Of course not.

    Okay - well it's not in Webster, Oxford or Cambrige. However, when I look it up at, it says only if it is used as a verb.. "verb (used with object)" so alone it is okay, but when it is used as a verb along with another word, it's not okay?
    I see. (it's so hard to keep all the rules & stipulations straight, of how, when & why to be offended these days)

    KEY IS THAT jew has no other definition other than to insult and demean.
    jew IS DEFINED AS derogatory
    "and has been from the very start"
    If you scroll down, it says "Originally, however, both the adjective and the verb were used in a neutral way by Jews and non-Jews."
    And if it is voiced, just the word "Jew", how would you ever know if they meant it offensively, unless it was accompanied by another word?

    ANYWAY - why not try to get a word whose only use is meant to insult someone of the Jewish faith? A word that has whether spoken or written, capitalized or not, has only one meaning, whether you look it up in the dictionary or not?
    You can certainly play the word "kike" on here, and that word has no other meaning than the offensive one.
    Is that one okay with you? Kike is better than lowercase-jew?
    In your, they've deemed it "Extremely Disparaging and Offensive". Whereas jew was only "offensive" (but only sometimes, when lowercase and used as a verb with another word)
    Why not ask they take kike out? Or your mentioned "C" word - why not try to get that removed?
    I find those far more offensive than "jew". I would much prefer jew to c*** even cheap jew, jew down, etc. Way better than the c word.
    I grew up with kike being derogatory. I did not grow up with the word jew alone being derogatory. My parents referred to us as "jews" all the time, never once specifying that we were only capital letter Jews, we were not lowercase jews.



    I see, so according to you, I specifically decided to play a scrabble game, just as an excuse to disrespect other jews by using that word when playing.
    As I'm sure everyone else that uses it, that they also would care less if they won or not, just as long as they got to call you a jew?

    So now you have decided that I am only here to try to play words that will insult people.
    Am I allowed to play any other words? Or only ones that cater to my bigotry & disrespect?

    Some women like being called the "c" word while having sex. Personally I do not, and just a guess, neither do you. But whether you want to believe it or not, some women don't find it offensive. So your reasoning that because "jew" doesn't offend me, I must not be Jewish, that because she doesn't find the c word offensive, she must not be a real female?

    Now that being said - I never once insulted you. Never once said you were something I had no idea if you were or not. I never questioned your faith, or accused you of anything.

    I asked questions. I gave my opinion about the subject, never once attacking anyone as a person.
    But in one fail swoop, you have personally accused me of lying about being a jew, accused me of using this game to as merely an excuse be disrespectful & a bigot. Oh yea, and told me I don't think when I speak. Oh wait, and that I am looking for a fight. And that I need to respect myself and others.

    So judging by the trouble you also took to respond, does that mean you are looking for a fight?
    Or does that reasoning only apply if I reply?

    Who is looking for a fight? The one asking questions?
    Or would it be the one throwing out insults & accusations?

    It's good to be passionate about your beliefs. But just because you believe something, whether it's in the dictionary or not, does not mean that anyone that does not agree with you is wrong. Or lying. Or a bigot. Or disrespectful.
    This is a forum. for opinions, suggestions, and I was merely replying to a post that made me laugh because in my opinion was a ridiculous subject, (never once said ridiculous people, or try to insult anyone) I was posing questions to provoke thought, not to have you lash out at me and accuse me of all these awful things.

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • @betterlate1

    as a Jew your attitude and accusations offended me

    Of course it did, I would expect nothing less. (I can't imagine much of anything I could say that would not, regardless of the content)

    I never said you asked to remove the word. I posted in this forum in response to the first post, not to you.
    You however, provided quite a lengthy response, to something that was not posted to you.
    My second post however was in direct response to your post to me. The foreskin comment I know was zoso, but just merely pointed out to you that I am without, as you were in a conversation with him about me.

    I was not accusatory, but whatever. You can believe what you wish, I have no desire to continue to defend my words, it's going nowhere. I have my beliefs and you have yours, let's leave it at that, shall we?

    Or if it makes you feel better, let's just say "You win betterlate1".
    Congratulations sir, well done.

    Have a wonderful day!


  • @sanctuarie whatever you say

  • Thank god for common sense

  • @zoso-thezephead I am sorry .I didn't mean that.Actuallay my native language is not English.One of the reason why I paly this game ??? I think this is a good channel to improve my vocabulary .Thanks for the correction.I will never use this word again.

  • Are we planning to ask for ALL derogatory words to be removed? How about commonly used profanity?

    The set of words allowed in word games is normally a list of words that exist in the language, not a list of only the good and uplifting words.

    I'm not arguing that anyone should use the verb form of "jew" in speech in polite society, but I expect all valid English words to show up in the game. That includes words that are derogatory or profane.

    Not that it matters, but I am a capital-J Jew myself, and I've used the word in Lexulous. Not to endorse its use, but because I had the letters and it fit the game board.

    Oversensitive political correctness is getting out of hand.

  • @EmbraceableEwe Being Jewish ...I also find the word jew offensive but then there are a lot of words that are offensive. Nice thing is no one has to use any word. It is all choices. Nothing wrong with being politically correct..or considering others point of view either..

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  • It's true that OP is referring to the usage as a verb which is rightly deemed an ethnic slur by many. We must think about the integrity of the site though. Lexulous uses the official tournament and club word lists used in competitive Scrabble, not the filtered versions. Therefore, many words considered offensive are permissible. To take the matter further, those with issues or concerns should contact the official bodies who compile those lists. Dictionaries and word lists are meant to be comprehensive. That's the point. They contain the good, the bad and the ugly.

  • I have played this word, albeit with some discomfort considering my family tree. Seeing this Topic in the Forum, I decided to look it up in the dictionary. Although it can be used pejoratively, if you look it up in Merriam-Webster you will see four definitions, none pejorative. So, use it in good health, just nonpejoratively! 😉

  • @b-birney you cant remove thousands of years of it being a derogatory word and used in a derogatory manner ...even if remove it from the dictionary

  • @zoso-thezephead That's true. When the word is lowercased, it can have a derogatory meaning: to "jew" someone is to be extremely selfish in a financial transaction, tapping into the racist trope that Jews are, as a race, venal and primarily concerned with making money, perhaps taking advantage.

    I note that "fag" is not allowed here, even though it can mean "cigarette." So, I see inconsistency in allowing one pejorative term (lowercase "jew") but not another (fag > homosexual).

  • @lexulous Please consider the nice valid word DZO

    (Dzo - Wikipedia)

    "A dzo (Tibetan མཛོ་ mdzo) (also spelled zo, zho and dzho) is a hybrid between the yak and domestic cattle."

  • @roslyn-irvine Vax, Pix, and TIx all work in the UK dictionary here.

  • @roslyn-irvine Hi, depends which version of the dictionary you are using and which version of the game as to what is good or not