Wee problem with Dictionary vs. Play Strength indicator in Play box at lower right

  • See the screen capture: there is conflict between Dictionary, which says a word (in this case, RUCON) is not valid, and the Play Strength indicator at lower right which implies that it is. The capture shows the little red/blue strength display to the right of PLAY, although it doesn't show the actual numerical value (in this case, 44%) which you see to the right of the indicator when you hover the cursor over it. But they're there 🙂
    That indicator is usually absent for an invalid word.
    This may seem like a niggling complaint but actually, I frequently use this feature of Lexulous -- it's a nice touch and is very useful as long as there's no conflict as in this case.

  • I don't think this is a problem, but rather simply a difference between the functioning of the score thermometer when it's your turn and when it isn't. When it's your turn and you enter a valid word, the meter turns green and you can play the word. When it isn't your turn, it will display the point yield and percentage of possible high schore whichever tiles are properly laid, but it won't turn to green as when it's your turn. I see this as appropriate, since you can't play the word when it's not your turn and so it shouldn't turn green suggesting you can. Thus no problem in my book.

    What bothers me, @lexulous and @sakamvari, is the Define button's staying black and ugly until a playable word is entered in the Dictionary text field. The change to blue there is superfluous and unnecessary as the text changing from "is not valid" in red to "is valid" in green provides this information immediately and clearly. The change in state when a valid word is entered should not be a change in the color of the button, which is no help, but rather a change in its state to make Define activate so that it shows the definition or definitions when the return key is pressed.

  • Well, I guess so. The "Play" box is red; the strength slider indicates what the word's strength would be if the word were actually valid. So there is no conflict.