• Thanks for making a game that is challenging, educational and has more letters than scrabble! I love lexulous, and its very generous of you to create a forum as well. The only thing that would make it even better is a way for me to play more evenly against my Mum, eg if players who find it less easy to read the board and remember words could get access to hints and tips when playing, with agreement from the other player, or having another built in advantage like being able to swap a certain number of letters. Its great to match people of equivalent skill, but sometimes its nice to play against people we love, who don't have the same advantage or disadvantage. Any thoughts? Anyone agree?

  • Hi-I agree, change settings at your table if you are playing her..it is nice to be able to individualize the tables for different games, Incidentally, thought you might want to know, scrabble has 100 tiles, lex has 89 I think.

  • @betterlate1 forgot to mention, you can unrate the game

  • @betterlate1 thank you yes I meant in the rack 7 not 8 in scrabble I love having 8 letters with 2 bonuses. I grew up on scrabble.

    Could you please elaborate on what you mean about tables and what you are suggesting we do? I don’t understand?

  • Hi Kotoba Ignore whatever I said for now about settings.In the previous version of this game there is a way to change and personalize settings. I assumed it would be the same way here but unless it is hiding somewhere I do not see it. Just enjoy the games. Sorry, my mistake