• The Lexulous Rating indicates the skill level of a player. The rating calculations are based on the excellent Glicko system formulated by Professor Glickman. You can read in detail here.


    • All players start with a rating of 1500 which changes at the end of each game.

    • If you defeat higher rated players, your rating will increase by a larger margin as compared to defeating players who are rated at your level or lower.

    • Similarly, if you lose to players rated same as yourself or lower the rating loss will be magnified.

  • @lexulous Please explain further! How are the points calculated? Sometimes it changes by 3 / 5 or other numbers, Why can't you just show how many wins / losses I have compared to my opponent?

  • @yadbin You can simply click on the player name to know the individual status of wins and losses between you and that player.