• Do not know if this has been addressed but..any chance board will get darkened..sorta washed out looking ..eye strain..kept waiting but no change so here I am. Thanks

  • I agree. Colors and fonts looks awful compared to previous board. Not fun to look at for too long. A few posts have mentioned this. I'd say it's my major complaint right now. I'll repost my post from the other thread here just so admins keep it in mind:

    Dear admins, quick point regarding the aesthetics of the board. I've noticed the new board is very pale and the letters are very thin, unclear and not well defined. Please make the board and tiles clearer, crisper, brighter, maybe bigger. Make the font on the tiles darker and thicker etc. Do a side by side with the old board and you'll see what I mean. Cheers.

  • Admin been busy here. Game board changes..large selection..now if you could just outline them so they jump out be perfect..also nice to give option to show the bots. Nice job

  • @ My computer did not put in an important word on one of my comments above ..If you could just outline tiles, they can jump out and be easier on the eyes

  • Thank you for the feedback & screenshots submitted. We have understood the problem and shall fix!