What's My Lexulous ID?

  • What in the world is a Lexulous ID?

    All players who sign up on Lexulous get a unique 12 digit Lexulous / Lex ID. It is like your Lex phone number. Your family & friends can use this ID to quickly start a game of Lexulous with you.

    Mobile App: Where do I find my ID?

    If you are playing via the mobile app, you may open the app and tap on Settings to see your ID.

    Or, when you tap on the + sign to start a new game with friends, you will find your ID displayed there too.

    Website / Facebook: Where do I find my ID?

    As soon as you login, you can see the ID in the Quick Stats section.

  • How do I change my ID or other things in profile?

  • @b-birney You cannot change your Lexulous ID. We may offer this later. If you wish to change your username or email then please contact admin@lexulous.com with your currently registered email account.

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