Space bar shuffle glitch - Mac OS Big Sur/Chrome

  • I've been playing 10 years here, so have developed some habits to increase speed. on the old site, I could press the spacebar with my left thumb to rapidly reshuffle letters (a brain can recognize words pretty quick if they're shuffled a lot).

    In this new game, I have to hit the Shuffle icon once before the spacebar can shuffle. Even one mouse click somewhere makes me have to re-click the Shuffle icon again before I can do rapid reshuffling.**

    Needless to say, this slows me down a lot! Can you fix?


    P.S. Html font formatting here in the Forum isn't WYSIWYG--for example, selecting text then clicking B for Bold just adds a pair of asterisks around the selection. I see it shows up as bold after posting, so that's good. 🙂