What do you like about Version 2? Tell Lexulous here :-)

  • This is posted in the Feature Requests forum because there is no other/suitable place to write about the best new features in Lex V2! So if there is one you particularly like, how about mentioning it here? Or, if someone has already posted their fondness for it, then you can just upvote 👍 their post 😁 👍
    I'll put a couple below to get things rolling.

  • The pop-up for Unseen Tiles now shows letter values, and is nice and big, much appreciated. (But it should be movable with the cursor.)

  • The Dictionary word box gives definition(s) for the last word(s) played -- appreciated, a good learning tool!👍 👩‍🎓

  • I like the dark mode. That's pretty much it sadly.

  • @b-birney I like the definitions too. Have used words for years no clue what they were, now I have a clue.

  • I used to waste a lot of time playing games on the old site. I don't enjoy the new site at all, so I might be spending my time more productively in the future.

    That's actually a good thing for me, though I suspect it was not the intended result.

  • The new version seems very buggy. Just now, I played my opening word and, while waiting for the opponent's word, their timer kept resetting to the maximum and then I got a message "The game has been deleted because you went offline."
    I didn't!
    At other times, the buttons fail to respond, words are rejected as invalid but are then used by the robot.

    Looks like a lot more work is required.

  • @allan-watson the timer issue is being rectified today

  • Also, it is cool that on the main game screen, with the Dictionary tab selected, the two-letter word list is displayed -- very handy 👍 👩‍🎓 👨‍🎓 😀

  • One more:
    The Dictionary "word box" validates the word there "on the fly", as entered. So there's no longer any need to hit the ENTER key in order to get a word checked.

  • @dan-mitchell

    I hate the new game. Not user friendly.

  • It's cool how, if your connection goes down or browser crashes etc, you can refresh the page and the game is still alive (assuming you have time left). No more going to stored/email like before. Not 100% on this, but seems to be the case.

  • @dan-mitchell I like that too! I live in a rural area and sometimes my net connection blips but I go back to the game in progress, it's great!

  • I also like how people can't suddenly pm you at any time, including after the game. Sometimes people were abusive and the box would suddenly pop up in your face without warning, making it hard to avoid. I'm not saying private chat shouldn't be brought back, but perhaps limit it to those on your friend list in future (assuming that's fixed properly first). I guess there is private chat in a way, as you can carry on the convo with your opponent even after the game has ended which is neat.