Would be easier to use old format or even the first one.

  • I have been here since 2007, stuck with you thru first screen and the previous, but this one is not good. I play 4 person games. the group can't message each other, can't tell who is next, who your partner is, green arrow jumps around, skips the 4th player. the right side screens are splite and to small, could be one big one. Is there a reason to start new format when the old one was better. Old one was derived from one that was better, In a nut shell each new format gets worse. This one is impersonal you can't speak privately to another player. Also I see people on here I've never seen many of these players before like its been combined with another site. That's why we players liked it, it wasn't like the others. Lizardlips / mc@planters.net

  • @margaret-blanchard-corbin hi thank you for the detailed feedback. All previous versions were in Flash that has been discontinued by its creators. We have understood the issues ans these will be resolved very soon. Lot of the user reported problems have already been fixed. Thank you for your patience.

  • How about resurrecting the Java version lol?

  • @margaret-blanchard-corbin liz have been so many improvements..it's getting there ..you can do this you know you can 🙂