• It's very simple to start a game of Lexulous with friends! Here are the steps:

    Step 1
    Install the app and get your friends to install it too. You can find all the download links here.

    Step 2
    Open the app and sign up.
    As soon as you sign up you will be assigned a 12 digit Lexulous ID.

    Step 3 - App
    In the app tap on + sign (top left).
    Then Match Friends.
    And simply enter your Friend's Lexulous ID.

    Step 3 - Website
    Click Email Version
    New Game drop down menu
    Match Via Lex ID
    And simply enter your Friend's Lexulous ID.

    You can add up to 3 friends in the same game! This feature is specially great when connecting with family.

  • @lexulous thanks but how do you add 3 people into one game
    Please send step by step instructions for adding 3 people into one game On the app
    The steps sent are clear for adding people generally but not for adding 3 to one game Iā€™m afraid

  • @Claire-Hughes I agree it doesn't seem possible to invite multiple players on the web version, but works ok on the app šŸ˜ž