• Guiding Lexulous newbies.
    • (Maybe) Compiling strategies that players can use for improving skills.
    • Moderating general interest topics.
    • Overall, just generally helping Lexulous players have a good time.

  • @tiger_words good idea. I would do same but same people would pick on anything I say..so good luck with it..think this would go over very well

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  • @betterlate1-0 so many people so few names..how pathetic. I would call it mental illness do not know what you call it

  • @betterlate1-0 I am not sure what you mean by this about the names, but as to your earlier post about people picking on you - you reap what you sow, right? Like my grandpappy used to say, "If you smell poop everywhere you go, check your own shoes!"

  • @tiger_words no, it is not reap what I sow.. I wish it was then it would not seem as nasty as it is . Notice all the downrates. Have you noticed that it is always the same people. ? It does not matter what I say, it is that I say. I am supposed to agree with them. They are bullies. Now I am done responding.

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  • @betterlate1-0 I doubt you are open to any other's opinion, especially if it's a stranger who disagrees with you, but I'm going to disagree. Human interaction is largely Democratic. If everybody says you are a jackass, you may be a jackass. I'm not saying you're a jackass but what you need to do is dial in to what others are saying because you can improve yourself and benefit if you are sensitive to others. Anybody can walk around with their head in the sand and say, "It's not me it's them," but the wiser person listens to what others say and suggest. Frankly I have seen your interactions and engaged with you and find them to be hostile and unnecessarily argumentative at times. Even your last response shows it - the first word you state is" No. " I think the point is you don't realize how you come off and if you take a few minutes and think about yourself rather than simply accuse others of being bullies or attacking you, what you have said to me in fact, I honestly think you would have a better outlook on life. Maybe others are picking on you - but why? Have you ever met any of these people? If not, it's the words that you have chosen to garner these sentiments. If it was just one person I would tend to agree with you but it's a lot of people. You have to acknowledge that you are causing this to some extent. It takes two to tango . Just my two cents, ignore me if you want I really don't care. And this is not an attack this is a legitimate perspective from a sensitive, thinking and considerate human being (who isn't always right).

  • @pangloss and your other names are? Unlike what you apparently think, I am very open to others opinions just not open to others telling me about me but not about themselves..your judgments are the issue here. You have no clue you either have other names or u listen to the few who want to be agreed with to be agreed with because they are bullies. Now have a great day..if you had anything of value to add.. you would of course have pmed me..but you did not

  • @pangloss I do realize exactly how i come off and why and there is generally good reason for it ..like had my fill of attacks on me or speaking up for some person who is being picked on..and even worse I have my own opinions. How do you come off asking people if they are nuts?. Notice I have not picked on you or said anything about you other than that and even then i dropped it and have not done a psychological workup on you....but thanks for the one on me. Incidentally you hide behind this name yet I have not seen you play in this name Have a great day.. You are entitled to your opinions but that is all they are, opinions and most times you post here you seem angry

  • @betterlate1-0 Q. E. D. And I've said this to you before, you keep thinking I'm somebody else I don't know what you mean but trust me I'm not. I'm just one person and nothing I've said is from anger. Maybe paranoid too? Rather than constantly and immediately disagree with things that you don't like - why respond at all? Why not just think about them? Just a suggestion I really think it would help you. You seem so conflict oriented.

  • @pangloss I go by behavior and people you talk to here. no paranoia..but if you are just one person I apologize now why dont you tell me about you...done responding you enjoy it too much

  • @pangloss do you enjoy running back and forth to change names..now i am even figuring who you are , done playing your games if site wants u to post have fun

  • @betterlate1-0 "Running back and forth"? Is somebody persecuting you?
    I have to say I do find it amusing (and a little paranoid) if you think I'm "running back and forth" between different profiles just to torment you. I'm regretting wasting any time giving you some of my insights much less creating a second profile and doing that. Who has time for that?
    Again I urge you just to consider what I've said earlier rather than argue with me. Because I can tell you you are 100% wrong and if anyone is 100% wrong, something is off.
    Anyway, I tried. Good luck

  • @betterlate1-0 Oooo, look who's in attack mode... Bully much?