• Mobile App

    On the Lexulous mobile app we presently offer the regular mode and a Dark mode. This can be activated via the Settings button within the app.

    Players find the Dark mode useful when they are in low-light conditions. It is easier on the eye.


    The website also has a dark mode that can be activated via the Settings (top-right menu on page).

    Apart from this, when you are on the game board, click on the game number and you will be able to select the board & tile theme. There are quite a few options here, so choose what works for you!

    In case you wish to send us a colour scheme, please contact admin@lexulous.com and we shall try to include it.

  • @lexulous Dark mode on the website is great, but there are still large parts of the screen that aren't in dark mode. Please make it consistent.

  • @dan-mitchell Please share a screenshot via email to admin@lexulous.com