Small issue with shuffling tiles

  • First of all, thank you admins for adding back the shuffle button when tiles are placed on the board. The issue now is that it doesn't always shuffle all the remaining tiles, only the ones towards the left. If there's no tile (or only one tile) in the far left position of the rack, it won't do a shuffle at all. If there's a gap in the rack, it will only shuffle the ones on the left side. It's a bit clunky at present to have to manually move the remaining ones to the left before they all shuffle. Please make it so that all the remaining tiles in the rack are shuffled. My proposal: if we place some tiles on the board and then press shuffle, the remaining tiles in the rack are automatically grouped together on the left hand side and shuffled. Hope that makes sense. Thanks.

  • @dan-mitchell we will implement. as of now shuffle always affects tiles to the left of a gap in the rack.

  • I had noticed this too. I guess having it shuffle only tiles to the left of the leftmost space could be of value, but just shuffling all the ones remaining seems more useful.
    there are lots of improved features in the new release of Lexulous, much appreciated 👍 👍

  • @b-birney True. Main thing is that they're all shuffled. I suggested the 'move to left' thing because that's the area it's currently shuffling, and might be easier for them to implement. Either way works for me. And yes, improvements are coming thick and fast now. I'm enjoying the new version a lot more. My latest bouquet: nice to see 'resources' return on v2 version

  • @lexulous Implemented perfectly, thanks guys.