• @lexulous can still watch the person who censored them..why is that? can't they be stopped from watching?

  • @betterlate1-0

    betterlate - do you ever stop rabbiting on, on here, youre like an old woman that doesnt have a life apart from this site.

    its supposed to be a fun scrabble game, all the why's and wherefores/pitfalls/falling out with people etc etc should not be happening.

    i think you need to get a life apart from being on here either moaning about something to do with lexulous or another person. or constant suggestions for improvement!

    just play the game and be happy with it.

  • @nevasa ah never saw that name yet another name for one of the censored ones why would it be your concern? poor you, u phony..and guessing your comments say who you are. Did i mention what i do is my business and if it really upset you ..why haven't you censored me? All 114 of your games in that name. Guess we know hoe you are..you are so fixated it is beyond insane and that is why when I censor you, you downvote again..well you are censored in this name too now. Enjoy your day.

  • @nevasa did i mention quite happy with the game..and it keeps getting better..maybe if you played more in any names you would have less time to concentrate on me and your imaginary goings on