• Lexulous LIVE mode is a great way to play real-time games with your friends & family.

    Here are some easy steps to get started.

    1. Login to the website at https://www.lexulous.com and visit the PLAY LIVE section from the top menu.

    2. Once you are on the page, the Lobby screen will load, it will show you the list of players who are online, game tables that are available for joining and on-going games that you may watch.

    3. To host a game, click on the NEW GAME button and set the parameters. We offer multiple parameters - Number of players, Choice of dictionary, Game type, Duration,
      Rated Games, and Time increments after each turn
      . Click on Set Table. Now your game is available to other players for joining.

    4. When people request to join your game and you accept, the game will start immediately.

    5. In case you setup a 3 or 4 player table, you will get an information screen where it shows you who has already joined and which slots are open for others to join.

    As always, have fun and share your feedback with us 🙂 We will be happy to incorporate your suggestions!