Lexulous Groups: Requesting Feedback

  • What are Groups?

    Accessible via top right menu in v2 website. Here's the link:

    It's a great new feature available ONLY at Lexulous! Some ways in which a group can help you:

    • Organise tournaments.
    • Play Lexulous within your school / class.
    • One-click tracking of stats within a regular playing set.

    How many types of Groups are there?

    Lexulous offers Open (anyone can join) and Invite-Only groups. Open groups allow anyone to join. However when you create an Invite-Only group, players can only request to join. After they send a request, the admin/creator must allow the players in.

    What features are present within a Group?

    Here are some primary features:

    You can create / join as many groups as you wish.
    There is no limit to the number of players in a group.
    Admins/Creators can keep track of the individual players performance within a group.
    Each group offers a private chat room that is only visible to Group members.

    When do the Standings in a Group update?

    Games played between two members of a Group are automatically added to the standings within a few minutes of the game ending.

    Can the Admin remove any particular game from the group?

    At present admins cannot remove any particular game from the group. We intend to add this feature soon.

    How does one exit a Group?

    The admin may go to the ‘Standings’ section of a group and remove members.

    In case you wish to exit a group, you may visit the Group Info section and click on LEAVE.