• Thanks so much for the reply.

    I went to both
    https://www.lexulous.com/ https://www.lexulous.com/v2/

    The same scenario happened with both:
    I clicked the link and was brought to a page requiring me to sign in. Signed in, and the tiles were still flying.

    Then, I signed out, repeated the sign-in process, and the tiles DID NOT fly (both links you provided). I am not tech savvy at all. So, am I correct to assume that I will need to sign in, sign out, and then sign back in every time I play?

    You asked about it being an old android ..the phone is a year old. All is up to date.

    As for chrome and extensions. That is way above my head and will need to ask a friend to help look into that.

    I appreciate you taking the time to try and help.

  • @lexolouse Well I guess it's not an issue with your phone. Just try completely uninstalling Chrome, then fresh reinstall the latest version. That eliminates a few potential issues. At least you got it working for a bit. Keep trying whatever works for now lol. I'm not too familiar with how the email games work to be honest. I'm thinking it might be bugs on their end.

  • Just an FYI, I have 3 email games going. When I signed-in, the tiles worked for the first game, when O clicked "next" for the next game, the tiles were flying again. I signed out, signed back in, and they were still flying.

    I don't know how to do a screen recording. A screenshot would not show the tile flying back. It would be impossible to catch as the tiles fly so fast back to the bottom. Also, there has been numerous people explaining this problem. I think the picture is very clear. Wish I was more savvy, but I am not.

    I may give up. Seems like too much trouble at this point.

  • @lexolouse Yeah, I'd be pissed if I was experiencing the same issues. Perhaps try an alternative site or app for a while, or use a computer instead, then check back in a month or so? They've generally been pretty good at fixing most of the issues.

  • @dan-mitchell Will do. Again, thanks so much for reaching out and trying to help.

  • @lexolouse You're welcome. Quick question. Have you tried the regular 'live' games as opposed to the 'email' ones? Same issues?

  • @dan-mitchell I play live on my laptop. No issues when I play on my laptop

  • @lexolouse no issues with email on my laptop either 🙃

  • @lexolouse Good to hear you've got a fallback option. I was actually referring to the 'live' games when using your mobile device and whether the 'flying tiles' issue was still occurring.

    Another thought regarding that. Could it perhaps be something in your phone settings that's causing the behavior? I know you said you're not too tech savvy, but some phones have different refresh rates and things like that. Ask your friend to have a look at that.

  • @dan-mitchell so, I haven't played live on my phone. For some reason, the tiles are not flying as of 2 mins ago. I was going to try to play live if the tiles were flying. I will try to play live when they fly again 🤣

  • @lexolouse Lol, keep us posted. This flying tiles thing is quite the mystery.

  • @dan-mitchell yes, definitely something with my phone, an android, the link that is sent in the email? Will have my friend review all these messages

  • @dan-mitchell I tried to play live. It worked fine until about my fourth turn. Then they started flying again. Also played via email and it worked for the first 2 games and the third tiles flew.

    Seems like something with the ads to me. I don't know why

  • @lexolouse Ah, you might be onto something there.