• When a high value word is played it can be devastating for you or your opponent. The ebb and flow of the game largely depends on your luck with the tiles you receive. One way to eliminate this "luck" or "no luck" would be to have every tile worth one point and to eliminate the bonus for 7 or 8 letter words. My regular Lexulous partner and I are going to ignore the normal scoring and keep score based on "one point per tile" for a few games to check it out. It will require a different mind set when playing. If it is more enjoyable we wish that in the future there might be an option for either method of play--tiles all worth one point or multi-valued tiles.

  • @bob Thank you for sharing your valuable feedback. We will definitely try to include this in the future.

  • That's the game

  • No offense, Bob, but that sounds like a boring game! An alternative is "Duplicate Scrabble" in which both players get the same tiles so luck is not an issue.