• Hi @Lexulous, some years ago, if someone in the lobby used a word on the 'banned' list in convo, it was replaced with a dot. Now the whole post doesn't show. It makes following some conversations challenging.
    Any chance you can give us back that dot to replace the word?

  • @mapmakere Thank you so much for your feedback. We will discuss this with our developer's team.

  • @sakamvari Any progress on this? Is there a list of such banned words? I ask, because I learned that when I say "G'daft" to a player (meaning good afternoon) it doesn't show. So I guess 'daft' is a banned word, and that's, well, daft. A list would be helpful but the dots replacing such a word would be even better.

  • @mapmakere Or how about getting rid of the broken word filter entirely? 'Daft' is such a tame word. Anyway, the most offensive people in my experience aren't the ones who occasionally cuss. Censor exists for a reason. We can use that instead of this silly language policing. Of course, all the banned words are perfectly acceptable when they're on the board.

    Or maybe this is a new game: Keep trying until you find a more suitable word that isn't invisible, even if the word clearly isn't offensive.

    BTW, does this happen only in lobby, or during game chat as well?

  • I don't understand what this is all about. I've not seen these 'dots' and assumed missing posts had been deleted by the poster.

    If these naughty words appear in Google and elsewhere then, surely, Lexulous has no right to censor them.

    Are we sitting in a little corner of the web preening ourselves for being "holier than thou"? I hope not.

    Any justification for it?

  • @mistertoad Pretty sure map is referring to lobby chat on the website. Perhaps you're not too familiar with it if you use another platform. I stay out of it these days so haven't experienced this new way they're censoring chat. Sounds annoying as hell though.

  • @dan-mitchell Hi Dan, yes, the dots used to appear in the lobby chat only. Not in game chat, and I don't think in pvt msg chat either but I might be wrong on that one. It's difficult to know just which words are banned tho, until, as this aft, the people I greeted didn't answer!
    @MisterToad, it was a good few years ago that the naughty or rude word was replaced by dots. Now the entire post just doesn't show at all.

  • So how did Lexulous justify the 'dots' and how do they justify the 'post deletions' now?

  • @mistertoad They haven't answered yet. A month ago, @sakamvari said they were going to look into it.

  • So basically right now, you can never be sure whether your sentence has been received by others, but from your end it all looks fine. That's not really the way to do it, particularly when there's no logic to it.

    Addition: I've been testing with a friend next to me. Separate computers, both logged in, chat enabled and working. Basic chat getting through no problem. I type "daft", followed by "g'daft friends". From my end I can see them and it looks like they went thought normally, but it's just blank space on their end. "Good afternoon" gets through fine, and oddly, so does "I am daft". So we can clearly see there's not much logic to it. You can obviously forget about using words like 'gay'. I mean, why is that blocked anyway? It's a common, tame, inoffensive word regardless of whether it's used to describe sexual orientation, feeling happy, or as an ignorant throwaway that some kids use ie "that's gay bro".

    Final thoughts: I think the way they've implemented it is more offensive than the words they're trying to censor. Ditch the filter entirely. We have better options. We can mute lobby chat at any time and/or we can censor the truly offensive people. It can't be a guessing game as to whether your politely intended sentence got through or not. And why are they nuking the entire sentence containing the 'bad' word, and not just the word itself? A happy medium would be bringing the dots thing back and allowing the rest to get through. Or even a blank space for the 'bad' word as long as the rest isn't censored. If there has to be one, then keep the filter list logical and to a minimum. Nuke the most common bad guys eg the 'f' word, 'c' word etc, but not the whole sentence.

    Admins should remember that Lexulous is also a social thing for many people. It's rare for people to swear just for the sake of it and the current draconian, broken implementation not only breaks the flow of chat, but is also completely unnecessary and unfairly punishes the decent people! ☮

  • @dan-mitchell Right, you can never be sure. And I've said "g'daft" for yonks so it's a fairly new addition to the list. Maybe it means something really rude that I'm not aware of! haha
    Another banned one is 'crap' as a chum and I discovered yesterday.
    To add to the conundrum, truly offensive nicknames such as all the versions of AdolphHitler, AbortedFetus, various misogynistic ones, and more, are fine!
    Yes, bring back the dots, @Sakamvari and @Lexulous!

  • I have already suggested that Lexulous has no right to censor free speech. Why then, if the concern is to safeguard under 18 year olds, are "naughty" words allowed in the forums but not in chat?

  • @mistertoad And playable in the games, as well.

  • @mistertoad And on the board as well right? That group are the worst when it comes to bad language anyway lol. Not quite sure what the intention is tbh. I guess it's to make it as friendly, welcoming and civil a place as possible. Except right now, you can't even abbreviate 'good afternoon' lol. Maybe they'll censor 'hi' next, but 'hello' will be ok. Of course, the whole sentence won't get through so lord knows when you'll find out.

  • Sounds similar to my issue, except anything and everything I type comes out invisible on the other end. It's still not working, and still no response from the admins on my thread. All problems seem to be getting worse now judging by all the other threads and I'm not impressed at all.

  • @thinkpadfan I can't say I see anything getting worse, actually. I think the game is so much smoother now than it was. Sorry about your chat issues but I think it's pretty rare.

  • @mapmakere I am so frustrated with chat on the new board as miyi opponent does not receive the