Some questions about stats calculations

  • While I appreciate the new, expanded stats page, some of them are puzzling to me. For example, how can I have 11,000+ bingos, but only 3,000+ scores over 50? Do the latter exclude the bingo bonuses? Or is there a time cut-off in some of the stats and not in others (I have been playing since 2009)? Why is my top score listed as 715 when I have screen shots of a game where I scored over 730? And what is the cut-off point for the longest word and highest score 'tile' displays shown on the right of the new lay-out, as I am sure I have exceeded both in the near-recent past, and my highest-ever single-play score over the past decade or more is well over 200, not the 100 or so indicated here.

    While you're here :), does the points per move average include moves in the endgame when I had a less than full rack? Finally, do you include only classic lexulous in other's stats, as the large-board version (I have only played a couple of times: not for me), with its regular four-figure scores, would surely inflate some of them?

  • @rayger I'm just another user, but a lot of the stats seem just wrong. I remember seeing somebody whose own stats contradicted each other.
    (I think 'avg bingos in a game' was higher than 'most bingos ever')