• When playing the email version, you used to be able to see in the list of games when the other player made his move. That's disappeared. Is it possible to find it? This version seems to have added very little and taken away a lot!

  • @hicklers Thank you for sharing your valuable feedback. We will try to bring back that feature in the future.

  • @hicklers
    I play the email version and the list of games always appears when I click on the 'Next' game button after I made my move.

    Maybe you have an adblocker or something in your extensions list that is messing things up?

  • @mistertoad Yes, I can see the list of games but it now says "14 days to go" whereas it used to give the time since the last player moved which I found much more helpful. For example if it said 4 or 5 minutes, I knew they would probably still be playing, but if it was an hour I could bet they have left the game and gone off to do something else. My most regular opponent is a relative who lives some distance from me, so we use this as a way to play and chat.