• Moni is a common greeting in Malawi. We present to you some interesting information about Malawi.

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    Chichewa is the official language native to Malawi. In 2007, around 12 million spoke this language.
    Here are some of the interesting facts about the Chichewa culture and people:

    1. 'Malawi’ means ‘fire flames’. The country takes its name from the reflection of the rising sun on the waters of the vast Lake Malawi.

    2. Did you know that Dance is an important part of Malawi’s culture.

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    (Image source: https://www.musicinafrica.net/magazine/traditional-dances-malawi)

    1. Malawi has been producing tea for well over a century and it is the continent’s second-largest tea producer after Kenya.

    2. Did you know that there are between 500 and 1,000 fish species, and it is home to a vast array of Cichlids, virtually all of which are endemic to the lake? These Cichlids are globally popular as aquarium fish, because of their bright colours.

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    (Image source: https://archive.globallandscapesforum.org/glf-2014/?contestants=tea-plantation-malawi)

    1. The serene Lake Malawi was crowned “The Lake of Stars” by Scottish explorer David Livingstone, who visited the country in the late 1800s. The name came from the lantern lights, which reflected off fishermen’s boats and sparkled on the lake’s surface as if they were the stars at night.

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    (Image source: https://www.uw360.asia/malawi-lake-of-stars/)

    1. Malawi has two UNESCO World Heritage sitesLake Malawi National Park, which was first listed in 1984, and the Chongoni Rock Art Area, which was listed in 2006.


    (Image source: https://www.thehistoryhub.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/Chongoni-Rock-Art-Area.jpg)

    These are some of the interesting facts about the culture and people of Malawi or the Chichewa people. If you are from Malawi or someone who knows more interesting facts like these, please let us know!

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