• Hej is a common greeting in Dalarna country, Sweden. We present to you some interesting information about Sweden.

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    Dalecarlian is a group of dialects spoken in Dalarna country, Sweden. Sweden is a Scandinavian nation with thousands of coastal islands and inland lakes, along with vast boreal forests and glaciated mountains.

    Here are some of the interesting facts about Sweden:

    1. Did you know that Sweden shares a lot of similarities with Norway like their history and culture?

    2. The Swedish people love to recycle. Only 1% of waste ends up in landfills with 50% being recycled or composted and 49% being incinerated for energy.

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    (Image source: https://visitsweden.com/where-to-go/middle-sweden/dalarna/)

    1. Most people are probably aware that Sweden has a lot of forests, but the fact is that 2/3 of the total country’s land area is covered by forest with a total area of 280,650km2.

    2. Did you know that Sweden is the 5th biggest country in Europe in terms of area? The total land area is 447,435 km2. But despite that, Sweden has one of the lowest populations per square kilometer in all of Europe.


    (Image source: https://www.fern.org/publications-insight/sweden-taking-forestry-back-to-the-future-2140/)

    1. There are about 300,000-400,000 moose roaming freely in the woods! Their national pride – the moose could potentially form one of the biggest cities in Sweden if they gathered as one group.

    2. The Swedish Passport is among the World’s best passports! Their passport gives entry without a visa to 124 countries in the world. And at arrival, we can obtain a visa to another 33 countries.


    (Image source: https://dagboekvaneenavonturier.com/2018/06/27/wildlife-in-sweden-and-where-to-spot-them/)

    1. Sweden has the highest number of McDonald’s restaurants in Europe per capita!

    2. Did you know that there are 95,700 lakes in Sweden?

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    (Image source: https://www.routesnorth.com/latest/the-best-lakes-in-sweden/)

    Hope you liked this little piece of information about the people and culture of Sweden. If you are aware of some more interesting facts like this, please share with us!

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