• Miga is a common greeting in Teribe. We present to you some interesting information about the language and the people who speak the language.

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    Teribe is a Chibchan language, spoken mainly by the Teribe Indians or Naso, one of the smallest indigenous groups in Panama, with only an estimated 3,800 individuals, and are considered an endangered group. Geographically, it is spoken in northwestern Panama, especially in Changuinola city and along the Teribe and Changuinola rivers in the province of Bocas del Toro. There used to be Teribe speakers in Térraba, a town in the neighboring Puntarenas province of Costa Rica, and the Teribe people there are making efforts to revive their language and culture.
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    Here are 9 amazing things about Teribe language and Naso people,

    Teribe has many alias such as Nortenyo, Quequexque, Terraba, Tiribi or Tirribi and In Costa Rica the language is known as Térraba or Brorán.
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    The name Teribe is a Spanish version of "tjer di" which means "river of the Grandmother", according to folklore, the Grandmother was a spirit who protected the area.

    The majority of Teribe of Panama live as farmers or laborers.
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    Tito Santana, the actual King of the Kingdom of Naso, is responsible for protecting the interests of his people against the barrage of influences that often threaten the Nasos' cultural survival and their language.
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    Much of the Naso region is protected by La Amistad International Park and the Palo Seco National Forest.
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    The tribe is best known for its impressive eco-tourism project in the village of Wesko for international visitors on Panama tours.

    Though the tribal dress is no longer worn by the men, some Naso women still dress in the traditional single bright colored skirt and print blouse.

    As a traveler, you can get offered guided nature hikes in the tropical wildlife, especially birds. The weather here is milder than in most of Panama. If planning to include this destination among one's Panama tours, the best time to go is March during the dry season.

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    Some fascinating Naso folktales have endured, some are about evil spirits, some of the hidden cities of gold, and some of the ancient rivals. One is about a tribe of nocturnal striped-rabbit Indians (Indios Conejos) described by the Nasos as fast and fierce and may be based on the now extinct Miskito Indians who once inhabited the Chiriqui highlands.
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