• Gamarjoba is a common greeting in Georgian. We present to you some interesting information about Georgia.

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    Georgian is a Kartvelian language spoken by about 4 million people, primarily in Georgia but also by indigenous communities in northern Turkey and Azerbaijan, and the diaspora, such as in Russia, Iran, Europe, and North America.

    Let us share some fabulous things about the unique Georgian culture which is a perfect blend of its neighbors due to its strategic positioning at the crossroads of Asia and Europe which gives it a fascinating melting pot of tradition, culture, and flavor, and some facts about the language too.

    Over time Georgian script has evolved from its original form and has undergone three stages – Asomtavruli, Nuskhakhutsuri, and Mkhedruli. The latter is what Georgians use today and has 33 letters. The script doesn’t have capital letters, and you can often see three or four and even up to eight consonants in a word.

    Unlike English and many other languages where the third person has a gender, Georgian doesn’t. When Georgians want to identify a person in a conversation, they say ‘that’ instead of she or he.

    Peculiarly, the locals don’t call their homeland Georgia. The local Georgians refer to their country as Saqartvelo.

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    In the 13th century, Georgia’s Queen Tamar ordered the construction of a site as a refuge against the raiding Mongol Empire, which is now Georgia’s ethereal cave town: Vardzia, a fortress-monastery-palace complex carved out of and under the Erusheti Mountain. Upon completion, it boasted a staggering 13 levels of 6000 rooms (complete with a bakery, church, and wine cellars), a self-sustaining irrigation system, and royal apartments. If you visit the country, you must explore this, it’s truly remarkable.

    Georgia is one of Europe’s most underrated ski destinations. So, if you want to do something adventurous on your trip, here is your take.

    Georgia has a historic martial art, it’s called Khridoli. It mixes a variety of styles including wrestling, Judo, and even swordsmanship into an unusual and skilled sport.

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    Georgian food is quite appropriately an expression of the culture and is an integral part of any of their celebration. Warm, gooey comfort food like khachapuri (cheese-stuffed bread) finds balance with matsoni (yogurt). Herbs like tarragon, flat parsley, dill, and coriander combine with walnuts and garlic for rich fillings and sauces, it’s an authentic delicacy for everyone. According to Georgian tradition, the Tamada - toastmaster - is in charge of the smooth running of the meal and importantly, making the toasts. Each toast is interpreted by table members before drinking to it.

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    Talking about raising a toast, Georgians customarily use amber wine to toast anything from God to family to the property to animals, and a shot is drunk from a ram’s horn. Amber wine or orange wine is a unique wine made by fermenting grapes in a clay amphora called a qvevri.

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    Georgians consider wine as an essential part of their history and culture, and to celebrate their cultural spirit, a wine festival has been held in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. All the visitors are being invited to this festival to try the year’s wine harvest, celebrating the young wines produced in the country.

    The arrival of the New Year is so important in Georgia that they celebrate it twice. Once on January 1st, and then on the 14th, known as ‘Old New Year’, according to the Julian calendar.

    Hope you like it, if you know any other fascinating facts about Georgia, let us all know!

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