• Bula is a common greeting in the Republic of Fiji. We present to you some interesting information about Fiji.

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    Fijian is the official language of people from the Republic of Fiji. It is an island country situated in Melanesia, part of Oceania in the South Pacific Ocean. They have a native Melanesian population of some 300,000, in a total population of more than 700,000.

    Here are some of the interesting facts about the people of Fiji:

    1. Did you know that Fiji has a large Indian population? A large section of Fiji's population traces its descent to India particularly the regions of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.

    2. One of the most iconic beverages from Fiji is referred to as Kava and not only is it a traditional drink but it is the country's national drink. The major ingredient in the making of Kava is the ground root of a plant that belongs to the pepper family.

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    (Image source: https://www.winemag.com/2021/08/31/craft-beer-hop-farmers/)

    1. Fiji's territory comprises 332 islands although some sources have indicated that there are 333 islands. Apart from a large number of islands, Fiji also has at least 500 islets.

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    (Image source: https://www.planetware.com/fiji/best-fiji-islands-fj-1-2.htm)

    1. Rugby is the most popular sport in Fiji! The residents of Fiji hold rugby in high regard as it is the national sport. The British are credited with introducing rugby to Fiji during the period when Fiji was under their rule.

    2. Fijians still use the traditional methods to prepare many of their dishes.

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    (Image source: https://www.rugbyworld.com/autumn-nations-cup/fiji-squad-for-the-autumn-nations-cup-114389)

    1. Nearly five centuries ago on Beqa Island, the Sawau tribe introduced the fire walking ceremony which would later come to be one of the most popular activities within Fiji.

    2. Fiji has a booming tourism industry!

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    (Image source: https://perceptivetravel.com/blog/2018/06/08/the-firewalkers-of-beqa-fiji/)

    Hope you liked this little piece of information about the people and culture of Fiji. If you are aware of some more interesting facts like this, please share with us!

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