• Selamat Pagi is a common greeting in Malaysia. We present to you some interesting information about Malaysia.

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    Malay is primarily spoken by the people of Malaysia. It is also spoken in some parts of Indonesia, Brunei, Singapore, etc. It is spoken by 290 million people (around 260 million as Indonesian) across the Malay world.

    Here are some of the interesting facts about Malaysia:

    1. The country is made up of two main landmasses, Peninsular Malaysia and Malaysian Borneo. They are separated by the South China Sea.

    2. Four UNESCO-designated World Heritage Sites are found in Malaysia: Gunung Mulu National Park, Kinabalu Park, the historic cities of Melaka and George Town, and the archaeological heritage site of the Lenggong Valley.


    (Image source: https://drinkteatravel.com/mulu-caves-mulu-national-park-sarawak-malaysia/)

    1. Did you know that Shoe designer Jimmy Choo was born in Penang, Malaysia? Queen Elizabeth II awarded him the Order of the British Empire in 2003.

    2. The Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur were the world's tallest buildings until 2004. Standing 451.9 meters (1,483 feet) high with 88 stories, the structures remain as the world's tallest twin buildings.

    3. The Sarawak Cave Chamber is the largest known cave chamber in the world. It is located in Gunung Mulu National Park, on the island of Borneo.

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    (Image source: https://www.thorntontomasetti.com/project/petronas-twin-towers)

    1. What may be the world's richest unrecovered treasure trove from a sunken ship rests somewhere on the sea floor in Malaysia's Strait of Malacca. The Portuguese ship Flora de la Mar (Flower of the sea) was returning home loaded with what was then the largest treasure collected by the Portuguese navy when it sank in December 1511. Today, modern-day pirates are known to patrol the Malaysian strait.

    2. Did you know that The country declared independence from the British Empire in 1957?

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    (Image source: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Melaka_Malaysia_Flor-de-la-mar-01.jpg)

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