• Ia ora na is a common greeting in Tahitian. We present to you some interesting information about French Polynesia.

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    Tahitian is a Polynesian language, spoken mainly on the Society Islands in French Polynesia. It belongs to the Eastern Polynesian group.

    Here we will disclose some of the fabulous facts about the Tahitian language and the country French Polynesia,

    There are 13 letters in the Tahitian alphabet and it was purely oral until the early 19th century.

    The word Tattoo originates from the Tahitian word Tatau. That really shows why Tattoos have been an integral part of Tahitian society and wider ancient Polynesian history.

    French Polynesia is considered a semi-autonomous territory of France. Some of the more popular islands include Tahiti which is the largest of the French Polynesian islands, Bora Bora, Moorea, Raiatea, and Taha’a.

    Fun Fact: The letterboxes outside some homes are not for letters—they’re for bread deliveries! There is no residential mail delivery, so residents have to go to the post office to collect their mail.

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    No one has ever been able to propagate or successfully grow the national flower of Tahiti, The Tiare Apetahi, elsewhere in the world. The flower is incredibly symbolic to the people of French Polynesia. It is customary to put one behind your left ear if you’re in a relationship or your right ear if you’re single and looking for love!♥

    French Polynesia is alive with sea and land life. There are animals, creatures, and bugs galore — but absolutely none of them are deadly.

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    French Polynesian cuisine is a typical island-style cuisine that includes freshly caught fish, juicy fruit plucked right from the trees, and obviously the sweetest coconuts. The food is a balanced melange of French and Chinese with a dash of Kiwi and Australian elements. Some of the must-haves are Ma’a Tahiti (a wholesome Tahitian meal), Pua Toro, Pahua Taioro, Poulet Fafa, Ahima’a, Tama’ara’a, and if you want to get little experimental with the food, you can try Raw Fish with Coconut Milk, Fafaru, Poisson cru and don’t forget to try the dessert, Poʻe.

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    French Polynesia is the land of rich culture, islands, and landscapes. Here, Mother Nature will surprise you with its breath-taking beauties. Let’s start your voyage with some of these vividly brilliant places like Pearl Museum, the only museum in the world dedicated solely to pearls; water bungalows; Les Trois Cascades; a scenic waterfall, La Plage de Maui, the only pure white sand beach; say hello to the marine life at Huahine Natural Aquarium; Museum of Tahiti and Her Islands, Musée Gauguin, James Norman Hall Museum, Petroglyphs of Te Pari, Harrison Smith Botanical Gardens, Mt. Otemanu, Motu Tapu island, Matira Beach, Coral Gardens, etc.

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