Assalomu Alaykum - Hello in Uzbekistan

  • Assalomu Alaykum is a common greeting in Uzbek. We present to you some interesting information about Uzbekistan.

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    Uzbek language, member of the Turkic language family within the Altaic language group, spoken in Uzbekistan, eastern Turkmenistan, northern and western Tajikistan, southern Kazakhstan, northern Afghanistan, and northwestern China.

    Here you can find some amazing facts about the Uzbek language and Uzbekistan,

    Uzbek shares many words and grammar structures with Turkish.
    Whilst the majority of citizens speak Uzbek, the official language of Uzbekistan. Russian is the second most spoken language. Registan.png
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    Along with rich cultural history, the country has many vividly brilliant places to spend your holidays. Some of the happening places are the impressive Ark in Bukhara, Registan, Amir Timur Museum, Chor Minor, Gur-e-Amir, Chorsu Bazaar, Palace of Khudayar Khan, Kokand, Aydarkul Lake, and Nurota Mountains. Here you can experience several fun activities while traveling such as camel trekking, hiking, bird watching, rafting, and skiing.

    If you’re ever lost on the street, Uzbeks will be more than happy to help you as they are kind to travelers and great at hospitality. An invitation to a local’s home is a wonderful sign of respect. And if you accept the invitation you’ll be treated like royalty as the guest of the house is the most honorable and important person. food.png
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    Your holiday in Uzbekistan would be incomplete without its eclectic food palette that has Iranian, Arab, Russian, Chinese, and Indian roots. Bread is paramount to their meals; Traditional Uzbek bread a.k.a. ‘obi non’ or ‘non’. Palov is the national dish in Uzbekistan which was invented by the cooks of Alexander the Great! It’s made up of mutton, rice, onions, and grated carrots. A true royal feast! Here are some other dishes that you must try, Lagman (Soup made with 50 ingredients), Mastava (rice soup), Shurpa (a soup made with fatty meat), Shashlik (skewered meat cooked on the grill), Dimlama (one-pot stew), Manti (large steamed dumplings filled with ground lamb or beef), Chuchvara (smaller versions of Manti), Achichuk (salad), Charlop (cold yogurt soup), Dolmas, Shivit oshi, Guzlama, Tukhum Barak, Suzma. Complete the traditional meal with local sweets like Halva, Nishalda, Urama, Pashmak, or Chak-chak.

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    Some of these sweets are served with tea as well in Uzbekistan. Even there is a formal etiquette for pouring tea here: First, it is customary to rinse out your piala (a small tea bowl) with a drop of hot tea, then return a bowlful to the pot three times before the tea is finally considered fit to drink. It’s certainly a unique form of afternoon tea.

    In Uzbek culture, music is vital just like food. In their wedding traditions Koshuk, household songs, and Lapar, a dialogue between two singers, are often common.

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    The Uzbek traditional dances are distinguished by a soft smoothness and expressiveness of movement, either in place or in a circle. Kurash.png
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    Kurash is the native martial art form. But the most popular sports in Uzbekistan include football and tennis! Silk and Spice festival.png
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    If you are interested in heritage and folklore, the festivals of Uzbekistan are going to be one of your best experiences. Some exciting festivals here are Navruz, a festival to welcome Central Asia’s New Year and springtime with song, dance, and good food; Silk and Spice festival in Bukhara, mostly a shopping and arts and crafts festival, with some concerts thrown in; Sharq Tarolanari, international ethnic music festival, held biennially in uneven years in front of the Registan, Samarkand; Chimgan Extreme, winter sports festival; Chimgan’s Echo festival, an outdoor music festival for singer-songwriters; Beer festival, featuring lots of drinking and fun; Dance Music Fest, the biggest dance music festival in Uzbekistan; Stihia Festival and Handicrafter festival.

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