Rimaykullayki - Hello in Quechua

  • Rimaykullayki is a common greeting in Columbia. We present to you some interesting information about Columbia.

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    Quechua varieties are spoken mainly in Colombia (where the language is called Inga). According to studies, some parts of Ecuador (where it is called kichwa or runa shimi), Peru, Bolivia, and Argentina (where it is usually spelled Quechua and called, by its speakers, runa simi) also speak this language. Approximately 8 million people speak this language.

    Here are some interesting facts about the Quechua people of Columbia:

    1. The colorful textiles of the Quechuas and other indigenous groups in Peru are internationally recognized. They have become an integral component in how Peru markets itself as a tourist destination and a great source of revenue for local communities selling to tourists.

    2. The Quechua have formed an important part of the agricultural backbone of Andean civilization since the early 15th century.

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    1. The unique cuisine in Peru has been greatly influenced by the Quechua people and their culinary traditions. For instance, Peruvian people continue to drink coca tea, eat cuy (guinea pig) and alpaca meat, and occasionally cook in the traditional Pachamanca or “earth oven” style.

    2. The Quechua has been the subject of numerous biological and medical studies aimed at understanding physiological adaptation to high-altitude living.

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    1. Did you know that the Quechua language is the most spoken Native American language in South America? It is also the most widely spoken indigenous language.

    2. Did you know that among other interesting medical approaches, it is thought that they performed successful skull surgeries?

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    (Image source: https://www.worldatlas.com/articles/quechua-people.html)

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