• Zdravstvujte is a common greeting in Russia. We present to you some interesting information about Russia.

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    Russian is the official language of Russia. It is also used as a second language in other former republics of the Soviet Union. It belongs to the eastern branch of the Slavic family of languages. Did you know that Russian has over 258 million total speakers worldwide?

    Here are some interesting facts about Russia and its people:

    1. Did you know that Tetris came from Russia? Although this game gained world popularity, the first edition of Tetris was invented in 1984 in the USSR by programmer and scientist Alexey Pazhitnov.

    2. Hermitage museum is a national treasure of Russia, and cats are a treasure of the Hermitage. These guardians protect priceless works of art from rats and are valued by the whole staff. Each cat even has a personal passport with a photo and receives a regular salary.

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    (Image source: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/e/e3/Hermitage_cat.jpeg)

    1. Russian territory is huge, and the majority of it is Siberia. In other words, Russia is 60% forest. What’s more interesting, half of that forest is totally uninhabited by humans.

    2. Moscow’s Kremlin is the biggest active medieval fortress in the world. Its territory spans more than 27 hectares (67 acres). The walls are over 2.5 kilometers (1.5 miles) long. Twenty towers are sprinkled across the grounds, each with its own personal name (apart from two anonymous towers).

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    (Image source: https://www.russinfo.in/moscow/museums-architecture/moscow-kremlin/)

    1. Did you know that Petergof was created in the first half of the eighteenth century by order of Peter the Great and was supposed to rival the famous Versailles in luxuriousness?

    2. The Trans-Siberian Railroad is the longest in the world; its length is 9,289 kilometers (5,772 miles) and crosses eight time zones. To travel the whole railroad, you would need to spend around a week on a train.

    3. The town of Oymyakon, in the Yakutia region, Siberia, is considered to be one of the coldest inhabited towns on Earth. The coldest temperature was recorded in 1938 at a jaw-dropping -77.8°C (-108°F). The average temperature in December and January is not much warmer at -50°C (-58°F).

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    (Image source: https://www.goldeneagleluxurytrains.com/luxury-travel-blog/trans-siberian-highlights/)

    These are some of the interesting facts of Russian culture. Please do share if you are from Russia, or know some more new interesting facts, we would be happy to know !