Pozdravljeni - Hello in Slovenian

  • Pozdravljeni is a common greeting in Slovenian. We present to you some interesting information about Slovenia.

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    Slovenian, or Slovene, is a South Slavic language spoken by the Slovenes. It is spoken by about 2.5 million speakers worldwide, the majority of whom live in Slovenia, where it is one of the three official languages.

    Here we will share some incredible facts about the Slovenian language and Slovenia,

    Slovenian is the oldest written Slavic language.

    There are 46 different dialects in Slovenia.

    Slovenia is so compact that you can look at two countries while standing in Slovenia. On the right, you can spot Italy, while on the left, you can find Croatia.

    Slovenia is one of the world’s most environment-friendly nations.

    Hayracks are a unique cultural symbol of Slovenia. The country is known as the Land of Hayracks. Farmers are also very proud of their hayracks.

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    The linden tree is a symbol for the Slovenian people. The tree can survive centuries and it represents love, friendship, and loyalty in Slovenia. The Najevnik Linden tree, the oldest linden tree is in Slovenia, is 700 years old. According to local lore, this tree was planted by Turks atop a massive loot of treasure, so they can collect it later.

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    Slovenia is surrounded by some of the most culturally enriched countries; thus, you can feel the influence of the neighbors in Slovenian cuisine. To thrill your tastebuds with distinctive flavors, don’t forget to try the following dishes, Kremna rezina, a dessert made with the layers of custard, cream, and puff pastry; Kranjska klobasa, Slovenian sausage; Dumplings made with buckwheat, Bograč, Idrijski žlikrofi, Pogača, Štruklji, Trout, Prekmurska gibanica.

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    During your visit, Slovenia will never fail to impress you with its pristine places like Predjama Castle, Postojna Cave, Lake Bled, Lipica Stud Farm, Triglav National Park, Mercury Mine Idrija, Salt Fields in Sečovlje Salina Nature Park, Ljubljana Castle, Kobarid Museum, Planica Nordic Center, Stična Abbey, Solkan Bridge.

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    Slovenia is a great destination for festival lovers as each year cities and towns all over the country host exciting, unique, local and international festivals like Grossmann Fantastic Film and Wine Festival, Lent Festival, Kurentovanje – International Carnival in Ptuj, Ana Desetnica International Street Theater Festival, Mladi Levi, Ljubljana Festival, City of Women – International Festival of Contemporary Arts, Panč – Stand-Up Comedy Festival, Kino Otok – Isola Cinema Festival.

    Hope you like it, if you know any other fascinating facts about Slovenia, let us all know!

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