• Aniin is a common greeting in Ojibwe. We present to you some interesting information about the language and Canada.

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    Ojibwe has been called by many names including Anishinaabemowin, Ojibwe, Ojibway, Ojibwa, Southwestern Chippewa, and Chippewa. It is a Central Algonquian language spoken by the Anishinaabe people throughout much of Canada from Ontario to Manitoba and US border states from Michigan to Montana. It is centered around the Great Lakes homeland of the Ojibwe people.

    The variety of Ojibwe used in the Ojibwe People's Dictionary is the Central Southwestern Ojibwe spoken in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Canadian border lakes communities. Today, it is spoken mainly by elders over the age of 70.

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    The Ojibwe tribe is known for its ability for survival and expansion.

    Currently, more than 130 federally recognized Ojibwe communities are in Canada, and 22 are in the United States. But here we will mainly talk about some interesting facts about Canada.

    Canada is a bilingual country with English and French being the official languages. The Majority of Canadians speak in English. But most people in Quebec prefer using French for all communication. Due to Canada’s welcoming attitude to immigrants, the language mix is very diverse. Here people speak Chinese, Punjabi, Spanish, German and Italian to name a few. But Ojibwe is considered to be an endangered language.

    In 1971, Canada has officially become a multicultural society that affirmed people’s rights to maintain their unique cultural identity and promoting cross-cultural understanding and harmony.

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    The Indigenous cuisine of Canada and what native Canadians taught the people combined with a history of gathering in immigrants and refugees from all over the world has led Canada to be a first-class food world destination. Some of the delicacies of this gorgeous country are Poutine, Tourtiere, Montreal Smoked Meat, Montreal style bagels, Caesar Cocktail, A London Fog, Peameal Bacon, Hodge Podge, Ployes, Chicken Fricot, Lunenburg Pudding, Rappie Pie, Jiggs Dinner, Vancouver Spot Prawns, Nova Scotian Lobster Rolls, Split Pea Soup, Game Meat, Donair and of course Maple Syrup with something good to pair with.

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    You can try the sweet shades of Canadian food palette with Nanaimo Bars, Butter Tarts, Bannock, Timbits, Beavertails, Blueberry Grunt, Date Squares, Newfoundland Snowballs, Persian Rolls, Flapper Pie, Pouding Chômeur, Tarte au Sucre (Sugar Pie), Tire D’érable Sur La Neige (Maple Taffy), Saskatoon berry pie, Figgy Duff, Blueberry Duff.

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    Canada never misses satiating the wanderlust of all travelers with its charisma. Some captivating places in Canada are Niagara Falls, Whistler, Quebec City, St. John’s, Tofino, Churchill, Old Montreal, Banff National Park, Stanley Park, Butchart Gardens, Okanagan Valley, Gros Morne National Park, Algonquin Provincial Park, Yoho National Park, CN Tower, Toronto, Lake Louise, Bay of Fundy, The Yukon, Garibaldi Lake, Pyramid Lake, Cheakamus Lake, Maligne Lake, Hornby Island, Cape Breton, Forillon National Park, Moraine Lake, Perce Rock, Mingan Monoliths, Jasper National Park, Peggy’s Cove, Mount Logan, Osoyoos, Columbia Icefield Skywalk, The Grotto, Montmorency Falls, Capilano Suspension Bridge, Waterton Lakes National Park, Prince Edward Island, Kluane National Park and Reserve, Mont Tremblant.

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    Being a multicultural country, Canada hosts some diversified yet colorful celebrations, especially in summer. Here are few festivals that you should experience in this country Montreal Jazz Festival, Winterlude, Celebration of Light, The Ex, Pride Toronto, Folklorama, Just for Laughs, K-Days, The Calgary Stampede, Canada Day Celebrations.

    Hope you like it, if you know any other fascinating facts about Ojibwe and or Canada, let us all know!

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