• Ola is a common greeting in Tetum. We present to you some interesting information about East Timor.

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    Tetum or Tetun is an Austronesian language spoken on the island of Timor. It is spoken in Belu Regency in Indonesian West Timor, and across the border in East Timor.

    Here are some interesting facts about the Tetum language and East Timor,

    The official languages of East Timor are Tetum and Portuguese.

    There are three dialects of Tetum: Tetun-Terik, Tetun-Belu, and Nana'ek. A creolized variety of Tetum, known as Tetun-Dili or Tetun-Prasa, is spoken in Dili and elsewhere in East Timor as a lingua franca.

    The official name of East Timor is the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste.

    East Timor is one of the newest countries in the world as it gained independence from Indonesia in 2002.

    If we talk about the cultural aspects, then we should mention that there is a strong tradition of poetry in East Timor.

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    The festivals of this country play a vital role to showcase the warmth and beauty of its culture. Some of the grand festivals are the Festival for Peace, Ramelau Cultural Festival, Timor-Leste Coffee Festival, Dili International Film Festival.

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    The cuisine of East Timor is strongly influenced by Portuguese cuisine and a bit of Asian flare too. Some of the popular dishes here are Batar Da’an, a vegetarian dish; Ikan Pepes, a spice-coated whole fish wrapped banana leaves; Caril, a mild chicken curry; Tapai, sticky, fermented, steamed rice which is slightly sweet and alcoholic in taste; Pastel De Nata, a snack-cum-dessert; Bibinka, grilled layered coconut cake; Bolado with Ai-Manas, Hard-Boiled Eggs with Chili Paste, Rujak (Fruit Salad with Cream and Nuts), Feijoada, Ikan Sabuko, Tukir and Mangosteen, a sweet, soft, juicy, and delicate fruit.

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    East Timor is one of the best tropical adventurous destinations, that is yet to be tarnished by travelers. Some of the stunning tourist spots are Cristo Rei, The Archives and Museum of East Timorese Resistance, Tais Market, Jaco Island, Akrema Beach, Mount Ramelau, Tasitolu, Lake Ira Lalaro, Mt. Matebian, Marobo Hot Springs, Nino Konis National Park.

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