• Gude is a common greeting in Tok Pisin. We present to you some interesting information about Papua New Guinea.

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    Tok Pisin is a creole language spoken throughout Papua New Guinea.
    Here are some awe-inspiring facts about the Tok Pisin language and Papua New Guinea:

    When laborers from the Pacific islands, who spoke different languages, worked side-by-side on sugar plantations in Queensland, Australia, they did not have a common language. As a result, they developed an English-based pidgin that also borrowed words from Portuguese and German, as well as from various Austronesian languages. When the plantation workers returned to their homelands, they brought the new pidgin with them. It became known as Tok Pisin in New Guinea, Bislama in Vanuatu, and Pijin in the Solomon Islands.

    Apart from that, the Tok Pisin language has many aliases such as Pisin, Pidgin, Neomelanesian, New Guinea Pidgin English, and Melanesian English.

    Papua New Guinea is a culturally and linguistically diverse country. Around 851 languages have been spoken among more than 1000 cultural groups and they all have their own weaponry, costumes, music, architecture, and dance.

    The constitution of Papua New Guinea (PNG) recognizes Tok Pisin as a national language, along with Hiri Motu and English.

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    The Mt. Hagen Cultural show is one of the country’s leading visitor attractions. Visitors will see 75 or more tribes come together and showcase dancing rituals and cultural traditions.

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    Some other unique festivals of PNG are Mask Festival, Kenu and Kundu Canoe Festival, Jiwaka Cultural Show, Sepik Crocodile Festival, Enga Show, Hagen Show, Goroka Show, Frangipani Festival, Bougainville Chocolate Festival.

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    The traditional cuisine of PNG is strongly focused on root crops like taro, sago, kaukau, and yams. Some other traditional dishes are Talautu, Bugandi Egg Drop Soup, Kol pis no rais, Kaima bona gatoi, Saksak, Breadnut, Mumu, Breadfruit and other local fruits.

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    PNG offered some dramatic and assorted landscapes to the viewers such as Lusancay Islands, Mt Wilhelm, Panasia Island, The Eastern Fields, Sivoli River, Kubor Range, Mt Michael, Tavurur.

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