Asalamu?aleykum! - Hello In Tsez

  • Asalamu?aleykum! is a common greeting in Tsez. We present to you some interesting information about Tsez.

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    Tsez is a Northeast Caucasian language spoken in the southwest of the Russian Federation and in nearby parts of Georgia.

    Here are the 6 interesting facts about the Tsez language:

    Tsez is an oral language that is spoken by about 14000 people.

    Tsez is sometimes written with a version of the Cyrillic alphabet based on Avar and is mainly used to write folk tales. It can also be written with the Latin alphabet.

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    In the Russian Federation, Tsez is spoken in several villages in the Tsuntinsky district of the Republic of Dagestan. In Georgia, it is spoken in Ibtsokhi village in the Kvareli district of the Kakheti region.

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    Tsez is studied in some primary schools in Dagestan. However, most schools teach in Avar for the first five years and in Russian after that.

    Tsez is also known as Cez, Didoi, Tsezy, or Tsuntin, and in Georgia, it is familiar as Dido.

    Tsez not only has the easy sounds, but it has all sorts of sounds that are relatively rare in the world’s languages, which are harder to produce and harder to mimic for adults.

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  • @agentcarter Interesting!! The literal meaning of Asalamu aleykum is "Peace be upon you" in English.

  • @agentcarter Wa-Alaikum-salaam, great!