• Mono is a common greeting in Himba. We present to you some interesting information about Gabon.

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    Himba, also known as Simba, is a moribund Bantu language of Gabon. Though the official language of Gabon is French.

    Let us share 6 interesting facts about Gabon:

    Gabon was settled prehistorically by Pygmies during the late Stone Age and then by Bantu-speaking migrants during the Iron Age.

    The name Gabon comes from the Portuguese word “gabao” meaning “cloak”. Early explorers thought the estuary of the Komo River by the capital of Libreville was the shape of a cloak.

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    Loango National Park in Gabon is known as “Africa’s Last Eden” and is considered one of the world’s best wildlife-watching destinations with animals such as elephants, gorillas, crocodiles, and sitatunga antelopes found on its savannahs, lagoons, and beaches.

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    In a 2004 National Geographic article, Gabon was described as “the land of the surfing hippos” when a photographer captured hippos playing in the ocean just off the beach in Loango National Park.

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    Gabon’s Mayumba National Park is a marine park that sees 550 leatherback turtles. That makes Gabon home to the world’s largest species of sea turtle. The Park is also a mating ground for humpback whales and large pods of dolphins, including the rare humpback dolphin.

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    Gabon’s Kongou Falls is one of the strongest-flowing waterfalls in the world which is located on the Ivindo River.

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