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    Who is Terry?

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    Bradley EarnestB

    I am in the same predicament.

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    Why does my post show as a draft and something about a path undefined came up. Meanwhile please fix a couple of glitches. Please prevent app players from joining games without asking. Please fix the problem with Lexulous forcing me to reboot when players don't accept or reject a game request. Thank you.

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    Yesterday I was disconnected and my chat stopped working. You turned it back on and now it is off again. I have noticed a pattern when other players call me names then my chat goes off. This time I saved screen shots of the player calling accusing me of chea$ing and even following me into to my private chat. At no point did I respond to the player. I am afraid to even use the real word the player used because it seems like Lexulous has a word auto detect that may be triggered when players use it. I have the screen shots if you want me to send them but in the meanwhile please turn my chat back on. I am a paid subscriber and have found that sending emails privately to Lexulous do not go through. Thank you

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    @retired2017 The one exparrot was referring to was a bot.

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    @thatguythere202 said in Sign up as a Lexulous volunteer!:

    @dan that makes sense, and leads me to ask, what is up with all the "deleted" posts in forums? Are we to assume that they were all considered irrelevant and/or offensive, and the admins are culling all our posts?

    I take back my previous comment about mods not deleting posts. I made a comment yesterday in the thread below and the whole thing has since been deleted by an admin. It wasn't an offensive comment that violated any rules.

    Also, my comment in the thread below was edited. Half of it was removed. Again, it wasn't offensive. Just matter of fact. This censorship is disturbing.