Playing Other Lexulous Players

  • You can play Lexulous with anyone from across the world! The turn-based playing mode allows you to connect with people regardless of the time-zone they are in.

    Here's how you proceed:

    Mobile App

    • In the app Settings, check if your Dictionary selection is to your liking.
    • Tap on + sign at the top-left.
    • Select Other Lexulous Players

    Now a game will start with your preferred dictionary.

    Once you have completed more than 10 games, you will be able to access additional options when following this procedure.

    Deleting A Request

    Once a player accepts, the request is automatically deleted.

  • Hi - I accidentally selected this the other day when I meant to Match a Known ID in the drop down and now I’m getting requests from Unknowns to play. Is there a way to turn this feature off? I can’t find this option in Settings? Ie. I’d like to return to being hidden.

  • @Vivienne-Li Once a game has started, your request is automatically removed. Are you still getting new incoming requests?

  • Thanks for clarifying - the requests have now stopped so I must’ve accidentally made several requests consecutively.

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