Report Button for Obvious Cheaters

  • There ought to be a way to report people for review when they are so obviously cheating it's clear as day. This scumbag i'm playing atm is the most obvious cheater i've ever seen in over 15,000 games of Scrabble and Lexulous but there seems to be no recourse for this which is a real shame? And i'm talking about a real slam dunk case where even looking at the stats alone shows it, let alone their particular play.

  • @Ilija-Luka Hate that. But the problem is that there's no sure-fire way to know, so a button like that would surely be abused. I just block the person and move on.
    Yesterday a person was clearly cheating but I beat her anyway. She did announce on her hosting message "WG okay" so I didn't get mad. But it was a good victory.

  • My feeling is if people want to cheat it is their problem ..I use the opportunity to learn new words. My favorite comment to them is if you want to cheat fine, but if you interfere in my game no more. People seem to respect that

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