Games constantly deleted while in progress

  • Hi there, thanks for this game.

    My family an I (4 locations) play via the website. About a week ago everything was fine, then for the past 7 days we have been unable to complete any games. The games start, and after a couple of moves we get the message

    "Game deleted by <username>"

    Sometimes each user sees the same user in <username> but often it's someone different even within the same game.

    We are all playing on Chrome via the browser, my user name is andreweast13

    Lots of fun but at the moment very frustrating.

    We have tried other browser options (Edge and IE) without success.

    Thanks for your help

  • Can only repeat what experience taught me and hope it helps you...I learned that if I play a longer game and maybe come to this lobby to see if I can answer any questions or I do any online shopping during that game, the message is that I deleted it..when in reality i was just waiting for my turn. Hope it helps

  • @Andrew-East Are you playing LIVE games? the first turn in LIVE games needs to be played within a minute.

  • HI there, thanks both for your replies. Yes, playing live games but very much aware of the need to play the first move quickly. Typically the games are deleted during the 2nd or 3rd players turn.

    What is interesting is that if you have 4 players
    Player A
    Player B
    Player C
    Player D

    Player A will see the message "Player B deleted the game", whereas Player C may see the message "Player D deleted the game". There's not apparent system to it.

    We've probably launched 20 games in the past week with the same results unfortunately, across different browser types .

    Anything else I can try?

    Many thanks!

  • @lexulous the deleted game message can come up at any time

  • @Andrew-East @betterlate1 We have fixed this problem today.

  • @lexulous tried to upvote your comment and it says i do not have privileges to do that-glad to hear it was fixed though

  • Yes, ditto, about to try it out so fingers crossed! Thanks so much for the responses.

  • worked perfectly tonight, thanks so much!