The use of proper nouns

  • I would greatly appreciate a review of acceptable words. I am deeply offended by the inclusion/acceptance of proper nouns, e.g., "Jew". Furthermore, I resent your acceptance of "Jew" as a verb, e.g., "Jewed".

  • @GrandpaToys lol. You're barking up the wrong tree Mr. Righteous Indignation. They don't define the lists, they just use them.

  • @GrandpaToys And a jew is a type of wattle, so get off the soapbox.

  • I feel the same way but fact is not every word has the definition we prefer or are used to. Jew is not the same as jew. jew is acceptable in the dictionary..I might not like it but it is how it is. nazi is also good. I would rather it went back to a proper noun so not used..but alas, it is good. Just keep in mind not every word means what we think it does. I also see 2 other answers to your question but I do not have access to those responses. Hope I am not repeating them

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