• I've been playing Lexulous since it was first connected to Facebook and I play with 8 people, every day. A friend I play with and I both noticed some disturbing things with the game, but when we've reported what we're seeing, the admins say we're mistaken. We noticed that if two people play together all the time and one tends to win much more than the other, the one who wins gets consistently far better tiles than the other which can easily form 7 or 8 letter words most of the time. The person who tends to lose much more gets tiles that can form no more than 4 or 5 letter, low-point words. It's true for me with the people who tend to beat me, and also with the people I tend to beat and it stinks! The people I tend to beat deserve to get great sets of tiles and to have a decent chance to beat me, as I do with people who tend to beat me! Has anyone else noticed this?

  • @divalison I play with the app. My score is around 1750 - 1820 range. I've noticed that when I play with people in the 2000+ range they seem to almost always get better tiles than me. I don't play with open boards so I don't know but I usually get crappy tiles. I've never been able to figure it out - is it more pronounced because they're beating me or what? But it seems like when I play people with far better scores, I realize they are better players, but at the same time my letters tend to suck.

  • @Pangloss - Yes, my score tends to range from mid 1800s to high 1900s but I play with a couple of people who get up to 2000 regularly. I don't mind them beating me when they play masterfully, but I mind that when we compare tiles, which we've done a number of times now, there is no comparison between what we're each getting. Also, it is one of these two people who has taken to photographing his tiles occasionally, because he gets exactly the same ones so frequently. I also pointed this out to the admins and I said that between the winning person getting far superior tiles, to our noticing that we get the same tile patterns, the algorithms really need to be tweaked. They shot me down, even when we had empirical proof. I'm wondering if a bunch of us speak to them if they'll take it seriously.

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