Requests from blocked player

  • I am constantly getting requests from a player I have blocked. I even blocked them from face book. I unblocked and reblocked them. I have no interest in playing this person and really don’t understand how I’m still getting requests from them. I’ve reported it only to wait days to get a brief response from admin. Admin told me they blocked him. 5 mins later I get a request. I reported him again game id is invalid. The game id is supposed to be 8 numbers but the game id is 9. This is beyond frustrating, I’m sure it will be days before I hear from admin again. Has anyone else had an issue like this? How is this even possible?

  • Maybe he has cloned names of himself has been done to me.for example others clone my name using betterlate1 a clone could be betteriate1 which would look like betterlate1 so you might try looking at i or l or any letter that can be substituted for another and see if that helps

  • @betterlate1 thanks for the feedback. However that’s not the case with this one. Name, pic, stats all the same. In the drop down menu it shows unblock player as an option. Admin is now not even getting back to me on this. I’ve taken screen shots of two of the games, including the invalid game id.

  • @maple Are you still facing this issue? Request you to once again send the game ID to, we shall investigate the 9 digit / 8 digit game ID in detail

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