Game Completion Rate - GCR

  • Before a player joins a "hosted game", they are shown all information including the opponent's game completion rate, dictionary setting, expected rating change and opponent information. Hence joining a game and deleting it immediately is unfair to the opponent (they need to place another request for no fault of theirs).

    A player's GCR reduces each time they delete a game that they have joined from a hosted table. If the GCR falls below a specific level, the player is prevented from joining additional hosted games. The player can continue to post requests or play with friends.

    How to maintain a healthy GCR?

    Make sure you try to finish every game you have started playing and do not delete games without a proper reason.

    How to improve your GCR?

    You need to complete more games (either with friends or via hosted game requests of your own) and your GCR will keep rising.

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