Ability to block “play live” opponent

  • Some play live opponents seem to be trolling (or kids using parents phones?)
    If I play someone and they resign 3 times in a row, in the first minute, I should not be matched with them again that same day.

  • Unless I misunderstand..sounds like you need to block them so they wont bother you again. Left click their name and censor.

  • thank you.

  • So... I looked on the app. I am still getting paired with this player multiple times per week. There is no option to click on their name. I tried to search their name and block them that way but they are not searchable. Would you have any other suggestions?

  • @friendana only other thought I have is maybe it sounds sort of similar to problem I have 4/5 names on my friends list that do not exist, I did not put there and I cant remove..they have been there 3 or 4 yrs maybe same thing..like ghosts. that is about all i can say..so suggest you just ignore them ..sorry I know it is more than annoying