Analysis mode: seeing score of word played

  • In the old version, when analyzing a game, it showed you the score of the word you played. That makes it easy to see if you got the best word. In V2, I don't see how to see that score. Clicking "Show Original Move" shows the word you played, but (as far as I can tell) not the score for that word. So you have to look through the list of possible plays to find the word you played....hopefully it will be near the top!

  • @laysan Thank you for pointing out, it will be done.

  • Thank you for your response... Looking forward to the updated version.
    It would also be good to show who the player is. V1 showed something like "[You] played WORD (23)" or "[Opponent] played WORD (23)" so you know who missed the big-scoring word!

  • @lexulous THANK YOU for updating the analysis to show the player and word score, etc. And the < and > (and their doubles) is very nice!

  • @laysan Most welcome, do share any other feedback or requests! We're closing this topic.