Creative dictionary?

  • I'm fairly new to Lex. Now my opponent had placed a few words in the first game we played that I thought were questionable, but I thought the program only allows correct words right? Next game she used all 8 tiles to make the word FUCKINGS which of course scored highly, 90 points in fact. But I decided to check it out and every online dictionary that I tried said no such word. So what's going on? How can Lex accept a word that none of the major dictionaries recognise? Surely it defeats the whole object of the game if the dictionary is not correct? I have now seen a number of negative reviews about this issue online, it seems it is a problem the other way round as well, that newish words that are in Collins are not accepted! Has anyone else had the same issues?

  • Depends which dictionary you use. Some things should not be good but they are. The other thing is not all words are what you think they mean, and some words like nazis are accepted, did not used to be then they gave the Nazis what they earned. They are not proper nouns, so now nazis. .. ..There are several scrabble dictionaries in use USA uses OSPD . Brits use Collins I think. Some of the words look so weird but if you practice them eventually they are second nature. Just remember people on the other end of their computers might not like all the nasty words that are in the dictionary ..Friendly hint: I pick a new word I see and write it down..use it 3 times then scratch it out and add another..but do remember the one I scratched out and more I use it more natural it feels. Good luck

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